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It’s officially kayak season! Which means we have plenty of deals on kayak accessories from kayak paddles to kayak storage equipment plus expert resources and advice for beginners.

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Kayak Stands are the perfect portable storage device for kayaks and canoes. Made from aluminum these portable kayak stands are easy to fold and are perfect for weekend camping trips and are easily store your kayak or canoe while at home in your garage, shed, or backyard. The kayak storage stands hold up to 165 [...]

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These kayak anchors are a must need if you plan to fish from your kayak or sit back and relax with your friends. The protective zinc coating (galvanized) helps prevent rust, resists corrosion, and is both lightweight and durable. Kayak Anchoring Resources How to rig your grapnel kayak anchor to breakaway quickly  


The folding anchor or grapnel anchor for kayaks is considered the best anchor to use by expert most kayakers. Made from galvanized iron, this anchor by FISHINGSIR is resistant to rust and weighs approximately 3 – 1/3 pounds. The four-fluke grapnel anchor will mold on most bottom surfaces including; rock, mud, sand, and gravel.  

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This 25L dry back sack is waterproof, lightweight, easy to stow and is perfect for your next kayaking trip. Dry bags for kayaking are excellent for storing small items and keeping personal items organized during long days paddling around in your kayak. People love the Hitorhie kayak dry bags because of their durable, ability to [...]

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These non-stick cooking pots are perfect for weekend camping trips. The foldable handles make the camping pots easy to store with the rest of your camping gear. Made from aluminum this collection of camping pots are light and easy to clean. Non-stick pots are essential camping cookware as they can be used to boil and purify water. [...]

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The Neraus 55lb kayak electric trolling motor is a versatile outboard motor. The three-bladed propeller makes this trolling motor is perfect for fishing kayaks. Another great feature of this trolling motor is that it was built with a composite fiberglass shaft and is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Key Features Max speed of 9 [...]


The J-rack set allows you to conveniently and safely carry a kayak to your next adventure. Each cradle includes padding to protect your kayak and has a “J” shape that conforms to many kayak styles. Kayak Car Rack Features: This J rack set includes 2 racks, 2 straps, 4 rack bases with the corresponding amount [...]


This portable folding cot is perfect for weekend camping trips. With its frame made from aluminum alloy, this lightweight camping cot is sturdy, durable and easy to set up. The package includes 2 x crossbars 8 x support rods 12 x legs 1 x comfortable mat 1 x storage bag Length: 70.8 inches Width: 22.8 [...]

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