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Kayak season may be over, but we still have plenty of deals on kayak accessories from kayak paddles to kayak storage equipment plus expert resources and advice for beginners.

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Gonex camping hammocks are well designed, durable, easy to set up, tree-friendly and extremely comfortable. This two-person hammock is strong enough to hold two adults yet light to carry on long-weekend hiking trips. Packed Dimensions: 4.13 x 4.13 x 8.27 inches Unfold Size: 118 x 78 inches


Keep warm all fall and winter with this duck down envelop style four-season sleeping bag. Comfortable Temperature: -4°F to 95°F Fabric: Nylon Filling: Duck Down Available colors: Army Green, Orange, Light Gray Size: 83 x 31.5 in Style: Envelope Model: CY-660 Lazy Bag


Emergency space blankets are durable, perfect for cold weather survival situations. Emergency blankets work to conserve body heat and warm victims from cold weather medical emergencies such as hypothermia. Reflective/ emergency blankets are a must-have for your list of camping supplies. Reflective blankets are perfect for cold weather camping trips that include hiking or exposure to water. All [...]


Men’s camo winter coat with a hood and warm fleece interior jacket. Perfect Cold Weather Camping Gear Gift

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Taco clip paddle holders for kayaks are easy to install and inexpensive. These kayak taco clips are designed to hold your kayak paddle in place while not paddling. The ability to attach your paddle to your kayak is a major benefit when fishing, reaching for kayak gear and launching your kayak. Add taco paddle clips [...]

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Kayak Stands are the perfect portable storage device for kayaks and canoes. Made from aluminum these portable kayak stands are easy to fold and are perfect for weekend camping trips and are easily store your kayak or canoe while at home in your garage, shed, or backyard. The kayak storage stands hold up to 165 [...]

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Kayak deck bungee cord replacements are essential to your kayak accessory arsenal. These latex bungee cords are easy to cut and install to replace the existing kayak bungees. Each deck bungee cord comes in different color options including; black, orange, red, purple and blue. The total length of the replacement kayak deck bungee cord bundle [...]


Universal kayak cockpit covers play an important role in kayak maintenance. Designed to keep out water, dirt, sun, insects, and pests, universal kayak cockpit covers are durable, tear-resistant and made from Oxford cloth. Key features of these kayak cockpit covers include; resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays, water resistant, adjustable shock cord rim to perfectly fit [...]

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