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4th of July Deals on Camping Supplies & Kayak Gear


Brand Name: CHAMSGEND Size: 6 x 4.5 in Material: Nylon Type: Kayak Rod Holder


Brand Name: JOSHNESE Type: 360-degree fishing rod holder for your kayak

Kayak Accessories

Kayak Hand Bilge Pump


Looking for a great 18″ DIY hand bilge pump for your kayak? This hand pump is compact, easy to use and perfect for those kayaks with limited space. If your shopping for equipment to help your kayaking experience, give this pump a shot. It’s affordable and ships quickly! Just like we learned in the military, [...]

$38.99 $29.99

This 25L dry back sack is waterproof, lightweight, easy to stow and is perfect for your next kayaking trip. Dry bags for kayaking are excellent for storing small items and keeping personal items organized during long days paddling around in your kayak. People love the Hitorhie kayak dry bags because of their durable, ability to [...]


Protect your kayak with these waterproof and UV protected kayak covers. Whether you store your kayak outside, in a garage, or in a shed, a high-quality kayak cover will help preserve your kayak. Is it okay to store your kayak outside? Yes. If you have a kayak cover or good tarp, it is okay to [...]


The folding anchor or grapnel anchor for kayaks is considered the best anchor to use by expert most kayakers. Made from galvanized iron, this anchor by FISHINGSIR is resistant to rust and weighs approximately 3 – 1/3 pounds. The four-fluke grapnel anchor will mold on most bottom surfaces including; rock, mud, sand, and gravel.  

$78.99 $54.99

These kayak anchors are a must need if you plan to fish from your kayak or sit back and relax with your friends. The protective zinc coating (galvanized) helps prevent rust, resists corrosion, and is both lightweight and durable. Kayak Anchoring Resources How to rig your grapnel kayak anchor to breakaway quickly  

$32.99 $24.99

Kayak drift anchors or sea anchors are one of the most popular kayak accessories among paddlers. If you plan to use your kayak to fish, this kayak drift anchor is perfect because it will help you slow down drift speed and allow you to stay in the strike zone longer. Using a drift sock like [...]

$9.99 $3.99

Taco clip paddle holders for kayaks are easy to install and inexpensive. These kayak taco clips are designed to hold your kayak paddle in place while not paddling. The ability to attach your paddle to your kayak is a major benefit when fishing, reaching for kayak gear and launching your kayak. Add taco paddle clips [...]


Kayak outriggers fix the biggest problem for kayakers – stability. These inflatable kayak outriggers are easy to set up and store while not in use. Inflatable outriggers are better than PVC outriggers when it comes to storage. Inflatable kayak outriggers inflate within a few breaths and deflate within seconds. With a double valve, you also [...]


Kayak safety flags help you remain safe from other boaters while your underway in low visibility conditions. These bright orange kayak safety flags are perfect for backwater, tall grass and in times where large swells are present. Safety flags for kayaks are essential safety kayak accessories for any paddler.


Kayak Accessories

Kayak Paddle Leash Bungee

$9.99 $5.99

Kayak paddle leaches help prevent you from losing your paddle while underway. If you’re one to enjoy kayaking, you will likely lose your kayak paddle at one time or another. These bungee paddle leashes cost much less than a new paddle and do not bother or mess up your boating experience. As one of the [...]

$8.99 $5.99

Kayak deck bungee cord replacements are essential to your kayak accessory arsenal. These latex bungee cords are easy to cut and install to replace the existing kayak bungees. Each deck bungee cord comes in different color options including; black, orange, red, purple and blue. The total length of the replacement kayak deck bungee cord bundle [...]


Universal kayak cockpit covers play an important role in kayak maintenance. Designed to keep out water, dirt, sun, insects, and pests, universal kayak cockpit covers are durable, tear-resistant and made from Oxford cloth. Key features of these kayak cockpit covers include; resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays, water resistant, adjustable shock cord rim to perfectly fit [...]

$7.99 $5.99

Kayak bungee pad eye kits are perfect solutions to weathered or worn kayak bungees. Over time, the sun, water, and stress wear out causing leaks and breakages in bungees. One of the most common types of kayak hardware, the kayak deck loops or pad eyes require attention and ongoing inspection. This kayak bungee pad eye [...]

$421.99 $299.99

The Neraus 55lb kayak electric trolling motor is a versatile outboard motor. The three-bladed propeller makes this trolling motor is perfect for fishing kayaks. Another great feature of this trolling motor is that it was built with a composite fiberglass shaft and is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Key Features Max speed of 9 [...]

$128.99 $74.99

Kayak trolling motor mount bar will help you fix your trolling motor to your kayak. Made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, this kayak trolling motor mount bar is rigid and durable. Furthermore, the trolling motor mount securely attaches to the gunwales and comes with necessary hardware. Trolling Motor Mounting Bar Specs Material: Stainless steel Dimension: 35.8″ [...]


Kayak helmets are your best protection against head injuries especially while kayaking on fast-moving bodies of water and whitewater paddling. This kayak helmet comes with an adjustable chin strap, chin pad and is easy to click and attach to your head. With eleven ventilation holes, these kayak helmets are breathable and protect the top and [...]

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