Best Camping Gear & Kayak Accessories To Give Dads On Father’s Day

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Camping gear and kayak accessories are great for all Dad’s who love the outdoors

Father’s Day 2019 is just a few weeks away and there is no better time to shop for the perfect Father’s Day gifts. Knowing what your father likes is the first step to finding the best Father’s Day gift. Fortunately, there are tons of resources online to help you.

If the father in your life loves camping and kayaking than we have the perfect gift ideas for you.

Best Camping & Kayak Gear Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Kayak Stand for kayak storage
Folding Kayak Stands

1. Kayak Stands

The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Kayak Storage

Storing a kayak can be a pain if you are working with limit storage space. A set of folding kayak stands are affordable and can help Dad extend the life of his kayak. If you’re after a Father’s Day gift that will help Dad stay neat and organized, kayak stands are a great choice.

Cost: $55.99

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kayak cart for transporting kayaks
Lightweight Kayak Cart

2. Kayak Cart

The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Transporting a Kayak

Face it, Dad’s are known for bad backs. This Father’s Day, think about helping Dad save his back with a kayak cart. A lightweight kayak cart will help Dad carry his kayak from the car rack to the launching area with little effort and no heavy lifting. Kayak carts are also beneficial after a kayak is filled with gear and other accessories including; coolers, ice, water bottles, and beer.

Cost: $49.99

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Kayak paddles for sale online
Kayak Paddles

3. Kayak Paddle

The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Kayak Accessories

As a Dad and kayak enthusiast myself, an upgraded kayak paddle is a wonderful gift idea for Father’s Day. If you decide to go with a new kayak paddle, also think about other kayak accessories to go with the paddle. For example, other important paddle accessories include; paddle bungee leashes and paddle taco clips (kayak holders).

Cost: $114.99

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Gonnex Camping Hammock for sale at
Camping Hammock

4. Camping Hammock

The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Camping Sleeping Gear

What is Father’s Day without a hammock? The Gonex camping hammock is one of my favorite hammocks available. I’ve slept on hammocks from Walmart and was unimpressed with the durability and comfortability. Gonex makes a fine affordable camping hammock. Another advantage of the Gonex hammock is that it is easy to set up and store, the dad in your life will love a new camping hammock for Father’s Day.

Cost: $49.99

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Portable Shower Tent for Camping - available at - online camping supplies store
Portable Shower Tent

5. Portable Shower Tent

The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Camping Shower Tent

A portable shower tent is an awesome Father’s Day gift. Not only can you use these portable shower tents for camping, but we also take ours and use it as a restroom for tailgating and sporting events.

If you decide to go with a shower tent, you should pair it with a solar-heated water source for your camping shower. Camping shower water heaters holds approximately 10 gallons of water and the solar function does an excellent job keeping the water warm.

Cost: $62.99

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Camping cot for sale at -- Sleeping gear for camping
Portable Camping Cot

6. Camping Cot

The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Sleeping Gear

Camping cots make for great gift ideas for Father’s Day. These portable cots are durable and store easy. And just like the camping hammock, dad’s love a great night of sleep. Especially after all of the work he does when setting up camp. Give dad a portable camping cot the can take with him just about anywhere this Father’s Day.

Cost: $117.99

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Hands-free LED Headlamp for camping
Hands-free LED Headlamp

7. Hands-free Headlamp

The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Camping Tools

Camping tools are an essential item needed for camping. Some of the most important types of camping tools in any man’s arsenal are flashlights. What’s the problem with flashlights? They can be a pain in the butt to hold while working on setting up camp at night. This is why we had to add a hands-free headlamp to our list of best gift ideas for Father’s Day. Hands-free flashlights or headlamps are great even when not camping. Whether dad is working on a car, fixing a garbage disposal, or trying to fix a zipper on a tent, hands-free flashlights make for a perfect gift for dad.

Cost: $25.99

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Camping shovels for sale at - camping supply store
Multi-use Camping Shovels

8. Camping Shovel

The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Camping Survival Tools

A new camping shovel is a perfect utility camping survival took that can help dad make for a great camp. There are hundreds of different situations in which a solid camping shovel can be useful. Most camping shovels are lightweight and fit easily in a backpack.

Cost: $20.99

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We hope you have an awesome Father’s Day!

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