Camping Hacks to Start A Campfire Faster

Campfire starter hacks

Ideas for clever ways to hack your campfire happen when campers lose, break or forget a piece of camping gear from their camping checklist. Sometimes long camping trips require ingenuity. It is in these times when veteran campers adapt and overcome. Here is a list of some of the greatest camping hacks for starting a campfire fast.

Having trouble starting a campfire?

One of the most common issues for campers is to get the campfire started quickly.  Fire starters and lighters make for excellent camping gear, but there are hacks you can use to get the fire burning quickly. 

Use hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer might not be on your list of camping supplies, but it makes a great firestarter. Hand sanitizer contains a high level of alcohol and is highly flammable. Add some hand sanitizer to your firewood or kindle and get your fire burning in seconds. 

Trick birthday candles

Remember that birthday party where you tricked your kids with those birthday candles that wouldn’t blow out? No matter how hard the kids blew, the candles would light back up. The next time you take your kids’ camping, throw some trick birthday candles in with the rest of your camping gear and get that fire started.

Save your dryer lint

Next to faulty electrical systems, fires caused by dryer lint is one of the most common causes of house fires in the United States. Since we know lint is a common cause of house fires, it also works as an excellent way to start camp fires. Save your dryer lint and store it with your camping supplies.

Doritos are hot (literally)

Reach into your bag of Doritos and use these delicious tortilla chips as kindle to get your campfire going. That’s right, Doritos make for an excellent fire starter. User your Doritos wisely and only as a last resort. These chips are delicious and are known to cause arguments between kids if used incorrectly.

Cotton balls dipped in Vaseline

It’s not uncommon for campers to keep a tube of Vaseline tucked away with the rest of their camping gear. Vaseline helps treat chafing from hiking, backpacking, trail running or basically any other camping activity. Dip cotton balls in Vaseline and store them inside of a plastic bag. While Vaseline and other petroleum jellies are not flammable by themselves, they act like a candle when applied to cotton. If you were to lite a piece of cotton, the cotton would burn out within seconds. If you apply petroleum to cotton balls, the cotton balls take much longer to burn and make for an excellent campfire hack. 


I hope you enjoyed these camping hacks to help start your campfire quickly. Remember to add some (if not all) of these items to your camping supplies checklist. Also be sure to only use these hacks for camping and don’t accidentally set your house on fire. If you take a date camping for the first time, these camping hacks will make you look like a genius. Just be sure to pack extra camping survival gear like folding shovels for camping, emergency blankets, and extra cold-weather camping gear

As much as we like to teach camping hacks and share our camping experiences, we also thrive on learning new things from our readers. Please leave us a comment that include any camping hacks for starting a fire that work for you!

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