How to anchor a kayak with a grapnel anchor

Anchoring a kayak with a galvanized folding anchor

One of the best kayak accessories you can buy is a kayak anchor. There are many things that can go wrong while anchoring your kayak. You can tip over, lose the anchor due to a poor knot, the anchor can get stuck at the bottom of the water, and plenty of other unforeseen events.

Today we are going to talk about the best way to anchor your kayak using a galvanized folding grapnel anchor and keep your kayak sitting still and safe from anything that might go wrong.

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Galvanized folding anchor

Rig your grapnel anchor to breakaway quickly

The first thing you will want to do before launching your kayak is to tie a line to the bottom of your anchor. Do not tie your line to the top of the anchor as you may eventually lose the anchor to a snag. Tying your anchor line to the bottom of the anchor will ensure an easy breakaway should the anchor snag.

For these smaller anchors, it’s best to use a knot called an anchor bend or anchor hitch.

Here are the instructions on how to tie an anchor bend:

  1. Make two turns around the bottom of the anchor or shackle.
  2. Pass the free end of the line behind the standing line and feed the free end through the first turn and take all of the slack out of the line.
  3. Tie a half hitch around the standing line and pull the line tight.
  4. Take hold of the free end and tie a backup knot to keep the standing line secure.

After you tie your line to the bottom of the anchor, you’ll want to take the line and pull it up toward the top of the anchor and let it rest it on the anchor shank. Next, you’ll want to use a zip tie to secure the line to the top of the anchor. This will allow an easy breakaway should the anchor snag.

Attach a small buoy to the end of the anchor line. If you attach a buoy to the end of the anchor line, you’ll be able to mark your anchor if and when you have to cut the line. This will allow you to come back at a later time and recover your lost anchor.

It’s always a good idea to fix your anchor line to your kayak in a way that allows you to break away quickly. If a boat or jet ski comes by and produces a strong wake, depending on the type of kayak you have it may not move and can possibly get pulled under the water causing your kayak to tip and lose all of your kayak gear.

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If you love kayaking and have plenty of experience anchoring your kayak, we welcome you to share your stories and offer your advice on anchoring your kayak by leaving a comment below.

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