Kayak Accessory Must-Haves for Your New Kayak

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Kayaking is one of the best water hobbies you can get in to. Unlike boating, kayaking gear is relatively inexpensive, time spent on kayaking maintenance is next to nothing and you can spend most of your spring and summer building your arms like Schwarzenegger.

Whether you recently purchased a kayak or plan to purchase a kayak soon, take a look at our expert list of kayaking accessories you need for this summer.

Kayak Storage Accessories

Before you go out to buy a bunch of fun and exciting accessories for kayaks like a new GoPro, consider getting the very important kayak essentials first. These kayak essentials are to help extend the life of your kayak with great kayak storage gear.

Kayak Covers

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One of the first purchases you need to make as soon as you buy a new kayak is a high-quality kayak cover. Adding an inexpensive cover to your kayak will extend its life and protect it against UV rays, rodents, snakes, mold, and insects.

Kayak Stands

Kayak Stand for kayak storage

After you get yourself a high-quality kayak cover, the next most important kayak accessory is a portable kayak stand. Much like the cover, you should store your kayak off of the ground. Storing your kayak on a kayak stand will keep the hull protected from damage. If you are storing your kayak outside, do not leave it in the grass, mud, or concrete. Keep your kayak safe from the elements and protect it with a kayak stand and cover.

If you don’t want to buy a new kayak stand and you consider yourself to be a bit of a handyman, consider watching some DIY kayak stands on YouTube.

Kayaking Tip: Never store your kayak on its hull. The best way to store your kayak is covered, upside down and off of the ground.

Kayak Dry Bags

Kayak Dry Bag - Blue - For Sale online at MericanMen.com - Kayaking Supply store online

Kayak dry bags are essential for when you get underway and simply do not have enough storage space on your kayak. Kayak dry bags do exactly what they say, by keeping your personal items dry.

If you plan on using dry bags for your next kayaking trip, be sure to tie a good knot or use a boat clip. I tend to leave my car keys and certainly, a flotation device in my dry bag should the bag become loose during my paddling session.

Kayak Cart/Kayak Trolley

kayak cart for transporting kayaks

Regardless of where you go kayaking, a portable kayak cart or trolley is must have for kayaking. Kayaks can get heavy – especially when you had a few hundred pounds of awesome kayaking accessories!

A kayaking cart can help you transport your kayak from the parking lot to the water without the need of a friend or neighbor. Simply place your kayak on the kayak cart and it will be an easy walk to your launch zone. A good kayak cart can fold so that it is also easy to store either in your garage, shed, or in the back of your car.

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