Kayak Stands: DIY or Buy?

Do-it-yourself kayak stands

Is building a kayak stand yourself worth the time and effort for something that is so inexpensive at most paddling stores?

Depending on the type of person you are is the real answer to the question of whether or not you should buy a kayak stand from a store or build it yourself.

I personally love customizing my own kayak to my liking. For example, I added my own fishing rod holders and I love finding new kayak hacks to try out that make days on the water more enjoyable.

There’s also a sense of pride and accomplishment I feel after I built something out of scraps. Especially if I put to use pieces of scraps that I already had sitting in my shed or garage.

However, at the same time, I’m the type of person who despises IKEA furniture. To me, a DIY kayak stand project is much like putting together furniture.

So, what to do, should I build a kayak stand myself or simply buy a set of kayak stands from a store?

DIY Kayak Stands

I searched all over the internet and looked for different ways to build different types of kayak stands and kayak racks. I found some really cool ideas that I didn’t think of. For example, one reason you should build your own kayak stand is if you own more than one kayak. If you have multiple kayaks, you’ll likely want to consider a building your own kayak rack.

A rack may work better for you than a kayak rack because you’ll use less space in your backyard, garage, or shed if you stack two kayaks on top of each other rather than side by side.

Many of the do-it-yourself kayak stands claim that it only takes less than 15-minutes to build. Well, that’s not likely going to happen for me. I’m not the handiest person out there, and I also consider the time it takes me to go to Home Depot and locate all of the needed materials. In case you didn’t know, Home Depot offers a 10% military discount that’s also available to veterans!

I put together some of my most favorite DIY kayak stand findings to help you limit your search.

How to build your own kayak stands

The video below is only about 6-minutes long and is lightly edited which means it didn’t take the guy 3-hours to build the kayak stand and edit out any problems or frustrations he encountered during the build. Give it a watch and see how easy it is to build your own kayak stand.

How to build a kayak stand

What I like about this kayak stand is that it is a single piece. Most kayak stands for sale online including the ones we sell here at MericanMen.com come in pairs. The only issues with having a two-piece kayak stand is that it’s simply two separate pieces that you have to account for.

The issue with a single piece kayak stand is that it doesn’t take into account the different types of kayaks as far as length and weight displacement.

How to build a portable kayak stand from PVC pipes

The DIY portable kayak stand in the above video is much like the kayak stands that I own. They are a two piece and work well. The problem with building your own set of kayak stands is that often times they are built slightly uneven. While this might not be all that important to me, I have seen kayaks slowly deform with poor weight displacement. There is also much more cutting and time invested when building a two-piece set of kayak stands.

How to build a kayak rack for multiple kayaks

If you own multiple kayaks and consider yourself to be handy, watch this video. The only reason I don’t love this video is because of the time warp. I like to watch people make DIY videos at a slower pace that I can easily follow. But, you can’t argue that this kayak rack is perfect as far as size and storage space for your kayaks.

Buying a kayak stand online or at a store

I personally like to spend the bulk of my on the water and not in the garage building things like a kayak stand. I don’t mind kayak maintenance or customizing my kayak, but I don’t particularly enjoy spending my afternoon building something as affordable as a simple kayak rack or stand.

For less than $60 you can own a perfect, durable, folding kayak stand that comes with a manufacturer warranty. Kayak stands are available at most kayak accessories stores like MericanMen.com, Amazon.com, and REI.com.

Browse around and find the right kayak stand for your needs.

As mentioned earlier, to answer the question:

Should I build a kayak stand myself or buy one from a store?

You have to consider the type of person you are and how many kayaks do you own. If you love projects like do-it-yourself kayak stands than build it yourself. If you’re a bit more like me, just buy one in the store and spend the rest of your day paddling.

Have you built your own kayak stand after reading this post, please share the link to your video and we’ll be happy to share it with our network of kayak and camping enthusiasts.

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