Kayaking Overnight: Tips for a Great Trip

Overnight kayaking trips

There aren’t many better ways to get in touch with nature than an overnight kayak trip. Much like hiking, overnight kayak trips require a plan plus necessary kayak and camping gear.

Assuming you have the proper gear, overnight kayak trips are great for the soul. Quiet rivers filled with birds singing, beautiful scenery, and fresh air can help calm the mind.

Although overnight kayak trips are great medicines for the mind, body, and spirit, if not planned, the trip can lead to stressful situations. So, we put together these tips to help you kayak overnight.

Check the weather

As with any overnight camping trip, you should check the weather forecast beforehand. High winds, rain, or a potential heatwave can ruin any camping trip. Periodically check the weather forecast within ten days of your trip.

Pack the right gear

Kayak and camp gear is essential for your overnight trip. Be sure to pack the following kayak and camping gear:

Food and water are obviously very important. In case you need them, we have some dinner ideas for camping that we think you’ll love.

Make Camp Before Sunset

At least one hour before sunset, find a secure spot a few hundred feet away from the water. Remember, wild animals tend to look for food and drink near water, plus water can rise overnight. A good rule of thumb is to not set up your tent and fire too close to the water.

Another thing you must consider is time. Give yourself enough time to set up camp before sundown. I tend to start looking for a good place to set up camp a few hours before sundown. I also tend to look at a chart or map of the area ahead of time to see if there is a clearing or popular place to camp along the shoreline.

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